National Flood Insurance Program

The Village of North Palm Beach participants in the National Flood Insurance (NFIP) Community Rating System, working to maintain a 25% reduction in flood insurance premiums for residents while carrying out flood management measures designed to protect life and property from future flooding.

Here are some ideas to help prepare for hurricane season:

Flood Safety Measures

For your own safety, there is no substitute for advanced planning and preparation for flood events. 

  • Do not drive around road barriers. Roads may not be distinguishable from canals. Turn around, don’t drown - never drive through flooded areas.
  • Do not walk through flowing water. As little as six inches of moving water can knock you off your feet. 
  • Stay away from power lines and electrical wires. 
  • Evacuate the area as soon as the order is given or sooner if possible. Evacuation orders are issued because of imminent storm surge, not for wind threat. If evacuation becomes necessary be sure to turn off all utility services at the main connection. 
  • Find valuable information on the Village’s Hurricane Preparation webpage at There you will find the Palm Beach County Hurricane Evacuation Zone look-up tool, and can find out which Evacuation Zone your property is in. You should know which Evacuation Zone you are in if an evacuation order is issued. Spending a little time now to familiarize yourself with the resources on the website may help avoid a lot of trouble later on.

Protect your property from flood damage

There are practical and cost-effective methods for reducing or eliminating your property’s exposure to flooding. 

  • Check your building for water entry points, such as doors, low windows, and dryer vents. These can be protected by the construction of low walls, barriers, or berms to keep water away from the building. 
  • You could elevate electrical equipment and furniture, and install backflow valves. 
  • Find more information at FEMA’s website,
  • Be sure to check with the Village at (561) 841-3365 to see if a building permit is required for flood protection measures. Build responsibly!

Village staff members are available to provide flood-related property protection consultations, including a site visit and drainage evaluation. Call (561) 841-3365 for more information about these services.

The Cost of Flood Insurance is a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of flood damage

Whether or not your property is in a high-risk flood zone, you should consider buying flood insurance. Losses due to flooding are not covered in a typical homeowners’ insurance policy. Flood insurance is available for residential and commercial buildings and/or the contents of a building. Renters should have a flood insurance policy to cover their possessions. Call your insurance agent today, go to, or call (800) 427-4661, to find an agent, learn important flood-related information, and to ask your agent to ensure you purchase the coverage you need. There is usually a 30-day waiting period before the policy will become effective. 

Know Your Flood Zone

Call the Village Building Division at (561) 841-3365 to find out if a property is:

  • In a high-risk flood zone
  • Susceptible to coastal erosion
  • In an area that has flooded repeatedly
  • Near an area that should be protected due to its natural floodplain functions
  • On file with an elevation certificate for the building

Flood Warning

Residents should be aware that the Village of North Palm Beach is linked to Palm Beach County Emergency Management Division, which will advise our community of impending storms and flood threats. Stay tuned to local television and radio stations and the Weather Channel for up-to-the-minute information.

The Village Emergency Operations Center will receive detailed and site-specific information regarding storm conditions, flood threats, updates, warnings and evacuations. This information will be provided to the public as it becomes available using this webpage, the Village Facebook and Twitter pages (@VillageNPB), and on (requires an account to see). 

Also, you can sign up to get Village storm updates by text or by email on our "Notify Me" page. The Village emergency number is (561) 904-2147.

Are you doing your part to protect Village waterways?

Stormwater runoff comes from rainfall that runs over the ground’s surface and into our waterways. As it flows over land into canals and streams, it picks up debris, chemicals, oils, fertilizers, grass clippings, pet waste and other pollutants. 

You can help by cleaning up, picking up, or relocating these materials so runoff won’t wash them into our waterways. Take time to educate yourself and others about the negative impact of stormwater runoff into our waterways at

It is illegal to dispose of trash or debris of any kind into any waterways or the stormwater drainage system. If you see illegal dumping, please contact the Public Works Department at (561) 691-3446.