Community Development Department   

Please Note the following:
  •  When using the E-Permit Service, you must fill out the permit application completely and attach it to your email. 
  • Incomplete or insufficient applications will not be processed for permitting 
  • All information must be typewritten or legibly printed 
  • A Notice of Commencement is required for Structural, Electrical and Plumbing permits where job costs are greater than $2,500 as well as Mechanical permits where the job costs are greater than $7,500. 

Procedures to Submit E-Permit Application

  1.  Complete the Permit Application (available upon request) (2 pages) 
  2. Attach the signed and notarized application to the email 
  3. Submit the email and you will receive a notification that your email has been received; Note: This acknowledgement does not imply that the application is complete or sufficient. 
  4. Submit original signed and notarized application, two (2) hard copies of the construction plans (2 sets must be signed and sealed), details and product approvals within five (5) business days 
  5. With all applications we require a copy of the contract; contract shall be signed by the owner or authorized agent. 
  6. We will contact you after receipt of the documents and payment can be made at that time. 
Note: Failure to submit within the 5 business days will cause your application submittal date to become null/void and discarded and the process will have to be started again. Please pay attention to new code or impact fee effective dates.


Bins are placed outside of the Community Development Department Office for dropping off documents. Pick ups will be scheduled by appointment.  
All payments will be over the phone.

For inspection scheduling please call (561) 841-3365 (prompt 1).

For other departmental inquiries, please contact the following:

• Building: (561) 841-3365 (Prompt 1)

• Planning & Zoning:
Justin Revis- or (561) 904-2121

• Code Compliance:
Lillian Haughton- or (561) 841-3363
Gail Johnson- or (561) 841-3367

Mission Statement

To provide the best possible service to Village residents while educating the public regarding Village Code, enforcing state and local building regulations, issuing building permits, business tax receipts and registrations, and gaining compliance with Village Codes from Village home and business owners. The department strives to help develop the community in a manner that continues to make the Village the best place to live, work and enjoy life under the sun.

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