Enforcement Procedures

Our goal is to encourage both property owners and tenants to voluntarily correct any violations that may exist. Understanding the need to work together is an important function in preserving and improving property values.

Village Divisions
The Village is divided into geographic areas with a Code Compliance Officer assigned to each. Each officer is responsible for violations occurring within their assigned area. Generally, the enforcement of codes occurs on both a reactive (complaint from a community source) and a proactive (initiated by the officer) basis.

Progressive Enforcement
When a code violation is reported, we open a complaint and work toward resolving the violation through a process of education, inspection, and notices. Continued violations are followed by progressive enforcement:
  1. Code Enforcement receives a complaint.
  2. Department conducts an inspection.
  3. A notice is left at residence or sent to violator allowing time for correction.
  4. Department conducts a re-inspection.
  5. Notice of Hearing is issued if violation is not corrected.
  6. Hearing before the Village Code Enforcement Special Magistrate.
  7. Formal Order issued for compliance.
  8. Department conducts another re-inspection conducted.
  9. Fine assessment hearing conducted if violation is not corrected.
  10. Code Enforcement imposes a fine.