Request For Lien/Fine Reduction

Properties that have fines/liens on them are able to request a reduction of the fine/lien from the Village. Property owners seeking to reduce their fine/lien shall fill out the Request for Reduction of Fine/Lien form and provide it to Code Compliance at least two weeks before the scheduled Special Magistrate Hearing. The Special Magistrate Hearings are held on the first Monday of each month.

In order for the Village’s Lien/Fine Reduction Committee and Special Magistrate to determine whether a reduction is warranted, please provide the written narrative that is requested in the below form and respond to the relevant criteria. Failure to provide sufficient evidence and the amount that you are requesting the fine/lien reduced to may result in the delay of your request. Please provide the $100 application fee with your request.

Before the request can move forward several conditions must be met:

-The case that accrued the fine/lien must be in compliance

-A sufficient narrative has been provided detailing why the lien/fine should be reduced 

-The property has been inspected by a code officer to ensure that no other violations exist on the property

-Any other properties in the Village that are owned by the same owner/applicant have also been inspected

-Any monies owed to the Village other than the fine/lien that is being considered for reduction must be paid

-Any expired permits must be completed

Request for Lien/Fine Reduction Form