Permitting Services Plan/Document Submittal Requirements

Plan Submittal General Requirements

All plans submitted to the Village of North Palm Beach through My Government Online (MGO) must follow these guidelines. Additionally, plans must include all applicable information outlined on the Plan Submittal Checklists. Plans and documents not adhering to these guidelines or missing required information WILL be deemed incomplete, returned for applicant correction, and potentially delay the review turnaround.

If you have specific questions or issues with MGO, please refer to the Customer Guide.

Only PDF files will be accepted. When using a digital signature, specific security settings must be applied to construction documents to ensure plans can be marked up by Village of North Palm Beach staff while retaining the validity of these signatures. Below are the correct security settings for Adobe Acrobat and Bluebeam Revu. Plans containing more restrictive or less restrictive security settings WILL be returned for correction, and the review timeline may be delayed.


Printing: Allowed

Changing the Document: Not Allowed 

Document Assembly: Not Allowed 

Content Copying: Allowed

Content Copying for Accessibility: Allowed 

Page Extraction: Allowed

Commenting: Allowed

Filling of Form Fields: Allowed 

Signing: Allowed

Creation of Template Pages: Allowed

Printing: Allowed

Changing the Document: Restricted 

Assembling the Document: Restricted 

Copying or extracting content: Allowed 

Extracting content for accessibility: Allowed 

Adding Markups: Allowed

Filling in form fields: Allowed

Signing digital signature fields: Allowed 

Creating template pages: Allowed


Files must be saved using the following naming convention prior to uploading:

[house or building number] [add space] [street name] [add space] [suite number if applicable] [add space] [document description].
Ex. 336 Golfview Rd buildingplans or 336 Golfview Rd suite200 buildingplans
Amended or revised plans should have a suffix labeled [amend] / [rev].
Ex. 336 Golfview Rd buildingplans amend or 336 Golfview Rd suite200 buildingplans rev

Plans containing multiple pages must be submitted as a full set, combined into a single PDF file. Architectural and MEP plans, for example, may be submitted as separate sets to retain digital signatures, but documents should be combined whenever possible. Materials specifications and supporting documentation (e.g., COM-Check Reports, Engineer’s Reports, etc.) shall be submitted as a separate, combined PDF file.

The Village of North Palm Beach accepts both digital and electronic seals and signatures on plans. The digital signatures encrypted by an approved third-party agency must have settings enabled to allow for plan review markup and stamping in Bluebeam. Submittal documents consisting of construction documents, statements of special inspections, geotechnical reports, and other data shall be submitted in two or more sets with each permit application. The construction documents shall be prepared by a registered design professional where required by Chapter 471, Florida Statutes or Chapter 481, Florida Statutes. The expiration date of the Design Professional’s license on the professional certification must be current at the time of application for permit. Plans that do not have a signature/seal, professional certification, and title block complying with the applicable requirements WILL be deemed incomplete, returned for applicant correction, and potentially delay the review turnaround.

Document Submittal Requirements

Additional files such as plats, height certifications, checklists, etc., are required to be uploaded as separate PDF files and must follow the naming convention indicated in the example above.

PDF files are also required for verification items such as trade licenses.

The Village of North Palm Beach Building Division staff is not able to provide technical assistance pertaining to the editing, signing or combination of PDF documents. Please contact your network administrator, IT personnel or the PDF software help manual if you are having difficulty with any of these processes.