Trips & Tours

The Recreation Department's Trips & Tours program is designed to provide quality group day and multi-day trips. Trips are designed around several interests:

  • Adventure
  • Culture & The Arts
  • Education
  • Sports
  • Dining
  • Shopping

Our Trips and Tours are open to everyone!

The schedule is updated three(3) times a year offering two trips per month. All trips require a legal guardian present for participants under 18 year of age. The reservation process has changed with adaptation to Covid-19. When a season of trips becomes available:

  • RSVP's will be taken and listed in order received. 
  • When a trip is two(2) weeks away, the RSVP list will be contacted (NPB Residents first) to confirm interest and take payment. The bus fills up at 20 attendees. All others will be invited to stay on a waiting-list.
  • When trip is two(2) days away, reservations will be reminded with one last chance to confirm commitment. 
  • All attendees are asked to wear a mask on the bus during travel.
  • If there are not enough attendees, the trip will be canceled. If payment has been taken, full refund will be issued.
Do you have a suggestion for a trip? We offer day trips, night trips and 2-night sleep away trips. Most trips are outside Palm Beach County with all trips staying within the state's boundary. Your trip guide, Bill Egan, is always up to new events or locales; give him a call to discuss your ideas: 561-841-3386.

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