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Community Garden Membership Application

See Below for Membership Application:

Our Vision

North Palm Beach Community Garden stewards a sustainable greenspace that fosters community and cultivates positive environmental outcomes through organic eco-friendly gardening of edible and native vegetation.

Our Mission

  • Community Garden Woman with CarrotIdentify, Clear, Mulch, Plant, and Grow a variety of edible and ornamental flora, which includes selections of native non-invasive species within a defined area of the Village;
  • Provide community outreach and shared resource planning for the enhancement of Village property usage;
  • Partner with the Village of North Palm Beach to steward and promote a greenspace for community members to grow and harvest organic produce and native flowers;
  • Educate community members of all ages about the benefits of sustainable, eco-friendly and native gardening practices by providing science-driven, hands-on learning opportunities;
  • Establish a place of beauty for all to enjoy.

Community Garden Board Members

  • President: Amber Privett
  • Vice President: Mikaue Neves Britt
  • Treasurer: Rodney Chamberlain
  • Secretary: Amanda Jones
  • Member-at-Large: Ken Wright
  • Member-at-Large: Rosemary Sterner 
  • Member-at-Large: Amanda Jones
  • Member-at-Large: Joan Leder
  • Village of North Palm Beach Advisors:
    • Zakariya Sherman, Director of Leisure Services
    • Kendra Zellner, Environmental Committee
    • Mary Phillips, Environmental Committee
    • Karen Marcus, Chair, Environmental Commission
    • Ed Cunningham, Communications Manager
    • Barbara Bruckner, Executive Assistant

Garden Location

  • Osborne Park, 705 Prosperity Farms Rd

Schedule of Events

  • Friday, March 31, 2023 - evening | Heritage Day Kickoff party on Baseball field
    • Golf cart parade on West side of town to Osborne Park
    • Bouncy houses on baseball field
    • Kona Ice
  • Saturday, April 29, 2023 Time 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. | Garden Fest: An Arbor Day Celebration  
    • Inaugural Bike Parade
    • Radish tasting
    • Chalk mural wall
    • Youth Symphony (maybe)
    • Crafts from Library
    • Plant Raffle (maybe)
    • Master Gardener Presentation
    • Kickball game (ages 13+) on softball field (adjacent garden) 

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