Awards Ceremony

2018 Awards Ceremony 

Certificate of Appreciation - Collier County Sheriff's Office
Police Captain Robert Coliskey, Police Officer Michael Mize, Police Officer Roderick Steade and Police Officer Everett Lerner

Unit Citation: 600 blk Marbella Lane 
Police Sergeant Keith Koenig, Police Officer Daniel Bussek, Police Officer Thomas Brendel, Police Officer Kevin Bearsby, Police Officer Everett Lerner and Police Detective Michael Piotrowski

  • Domestic Altercation resulted in a shooting in a condominium community
  • Immediately located and apprehended suspect at a residence on Gulf Road
  • Recovered the Firearm used in the shooting

Unit Citation:761 Hummingbird Way 
NET Police Officer George Lopez and NET Police Officer Edward Ciezak

Crime Analyst Alina Vassi and Director of Special Projects Chuck Huff

  • Received intelligence that the manager of the Sober Living Facility had outstanding warrant for violation of parole
  • Facility known to house residents that were recently released from state and federal prison for various felony offenses
  • NET Operation resulted in the arrest of the manager of the facility and Sober Home returned to residential condo complex

Years of Service Award:
10 Years of Service - Police Detective Zac Aldridge

15 Years of Service - Police K9 Officer James Kaminski

Medal of Meritorious Service: 400 Blk Gulf Road 

NET Police Officer Edward Ciezak and Police Officer Everett Lerner

  • Arrested a suspect for L& P prior to burglarizing vehicles in a residential area
  • Suspect vehicle contained several guns and electronics from earlier burglaries in unincorporated NPB
  • Cleared multiple PBSO burglaries

Medal of Meritorious Service: 237 Castlewood Drive 

Police Officer Michael Zuccarelli

  • Your prompt response and actions led to the arrest of a male subject attempting to victimize residents on Castlewood Drive 
  • You observed the suspect attempting to break into multiple vehicles in the parking lot and after a foot chase took the suspect into custody and charged him with loitering and prowling, resisting arrest and drug related offenses

Medal of Meritorious Service:100 Shore Court 

Police Sergeant Keith Koenig

  • Watch Commander coordinated his squad to conduct an extensive search using all available resources for a fleeing suspect that had committed an auto burglary 
  • Sergeant Koenig apprehended the suspect after fleeing the crime scene and hiding behind a business 

Medal of Achievement

Police K9 Officer James Kaminski

  • Completed 780 hours of training at International Police K9 College
  • Training included Patrol and Narcotics Detection
  • Successful completion of a 3rd Police K9 Academy with his 3rd dog

Medal of Achievement: 

Police Officer Daniel Bussek and Motor Police Officer Steve Miller

  • National news was flooded with active killer tragedies, most recently in Parkland, Florida
  • These Police Officers worked with each local school and daycare facility to provide training sessions for faculty with emphasis on school and parent response as well as what to expect of police during these type of incidents 
  • Many of the schools implemented new security measures as a result of the training that these officers provided

Excellent Police Duty: 100 Blk US Highway #1 

Police Detective Yesenia Collura

  • Investigated two former car was employees that were fired for theft from the business
  • They returned to the business, impersonated employees and stole a vehicle registered to Earl Stuart Toyota
  • Through your persistence the two suspects were apprehended without incident

Excellent Police Duty: A1A (Sunoco Gas Station) 

Police Sergeant Andrew Council

  • Responded to an Armed Robbery that just occurred and located the reckless, fleeing suspect vehicle after the driver attempted to conceal his identity with a bandana covering his face
  • You coordinated with Palm Beach Gardens Police Officers to apprehend the suspect
  • The money that was stolen during the robbery was recovered and returned to the victim and the firearm that was used in the robbery was located in the vehicle

Medal of Commendation: 951 US Highway #1 (NPB Country Club)

Police Sergeant Joe Yungk, Police Officer Thomas Brendel, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office D/S Joshua McCoy

  • Encountered an aggressive mentally ill individual on the golf course that used a golf club to physically attack police officers
  • The subject was taken into custody due to these officers prompt actions; crisis intervention training and police tactics that combined allowed them to resolve this dangerous, life threatening situation
  • The subject was transported to a mental health facility for treatment

Medal of Commendation742 Lakeside Drive

Police Officer Roderick Steade and Jennifer Newman

  • Responded to an auto burglary that was in progress at 742 Lakeside Drive
  • You attempted to stop the stolen suspect vehicle, but it fled the area 
  • You pursued the vehicle to Riviera Beach and apprehended all four suspects prior to their escape

Chief’s Award of Excellence: 11201 US Highway #1 

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Agent Olivia Spierto, Deidre Campbell, Alfred Araujo

  • For their assistance in apprehending a burglar that committed a series of business burglaries in North Palm Beach
  • Due to their investigative skills, resources and commitment to working in partnership with our detectives four cases were cleared by arrest

Chief’s Award of Excellence:

Police Captain Robert Coliskey and Human Resources Administrator Melinda Wong 

  • Hiring Process

Chief’s Award of Excellence and Lifetime Achievement: 

Doug Phipps

Chief’s Award of Excellence and Lifetime Achievement: 

John Makholm

Chief’s Award of Excellence: 

Police Sergeant Lou Pearson & Police Officer Michael Zuccarelli

Jose Sanchez (Company: Shot by Jolo) - Recruitment Video

Civilian of the Year 2018: 

Clerical Specialist-Margarita Medina

  • 5 year employee with the organization
  • Primary contact with citizens when they enter the Police Department
  • She is prompt and responsive to the needs of the community
  • She conducted extensive work on the Domestic Violence Project Grant and was the direct result of our agency receiving donated equipment to assist every police officer with the documentation process of Domestic Violence investigations in addition to her duties as a Clerical Specialist
  • Achieved Crime Scene Investigator Certification designation through Palm Beach State College

Police Officer of the Year 2018: 

Police Detective Yesenia Collura

  • Awards Committee Member for 5 years
  • Advisor for Police Explorers
  • Background Investigations-30 this year
  • CVSA for hiring and investigative purposes
  • Cellebrite Operator
  • Taken on the role of a lead investigator on the Cold Case Squad
  • Hostage Negotiator
  • Internal Affairs Investigator
  • Co-facilitator for SART
  • Identified a pattern of a series of business burglaries which ultimately led to the clearance of four cases in North Palm Beach.
  • 400 Blk US Highway 1 (Ryan Kingsolver Case) plead guilty to multiple counts of auto burglary and is currently serving 2 years in prison
  • Identified the suspect in an armed robbery case that occurred on Shore Court in which an elderly victim was battered.
    • Police Detective Collura was able to locate the suspect due to the enhancement of a witness photograph that captured the fleeing suspect prior to his escape after the crime. 
    • Detective Collura conducted an extensive search for the vehicle through investigative databases and through the process of elimination with each of these vehicles. 
    • She was able to track the vehicle, apprehend the suspect and get a full confession for the Armed Robbery


  1. Officer of The Year Award
  2. Employee of The Year

      Officer of the Year Award

  • 2018 Police Officer of the Year Detective Yesenia Collura 
  • 2017 Police Officer Michael Shane Mize
  • 2016 Police Officer Edward Ciezak 
  • 2015 Detective Salvatore Mattino 
  • 2014 Detective Michael Piotrowski 
  • 2013 Field Training Sergeant Henry Maki 
  • 2012 K9 Police Officer James Kaminski
  • 2011 Sergeant Keith Koenig
  • 2011 Detective Kenneth Mildworm
  • 2010 Police Officer Lou Pearson
  • 2009 Detective Joe Yungk
  • 2008 Police Officer Angela Dallesandro
  • 2007 Detective Stephanie Joyce