NPB Biz: A tool for helping local businesses

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Thinking about relocating your business to North Palm Beach?  Have you checked to be sure your location has the proper zoning and parking requirements before you sign a lease or purchase the building?  In an effort to better serve the local business community, the Village Council developed a tool to help businesses maneuver through various procedures and applications. NPB Biz is a one-stop shop to most business-related matters, and has an experienced staff member serving as a Business Liaison, assisting Village businesses on a one-on-one basis.

IMPORTANT: Before you sign a lease or buy property for business

Before making a financial commitment to open a business, it is very important to check with the Village Business Liaison to find out if their are any conditions that might affect your business or your ability to get permitted to open shop. Requirements may vary by location, type of business, and other issues such as grease traps for food-related businesses, and/or fire and safety requirements. If you lease or buy in a location, then find out about restrictions afterward, it could be a very expensive mistake.

Business Liaison

The Village Business Liaison is dedicated to helping the business community to navigate Village processes and regulations. Business owners looking to move into the Village of North Palm Beach, or existing businesses that may be looking to expand or relocate will be provided a preliminary meeting to ensure your vision has the proper conditions.

To contact the Business Liaison, call Community Development Director Caryn Gardner-Young at (561) 841-3369 or send an email to

Business Directory

Need to find a business in the Village? The Village business directory lists all those with a current valid Business Tax Receipt. 

Search the directory here

Networking Events

Quarterly networking events are held at various business locations throughout the Village. These informal gatherings help promote communication between business owners, government officials, and local agencies. 

Next networking event to be announced

Business Tax Receipts (Occupational License)

A BTR is a tax for the privilege of engaging in or managing a business, profession, or occupation within the Village limits. The Florida Legislature enacted legislation which amended references to Occupational License. On January 1, 2007, the term “Occupational License was amended to read “Business Tax Receipt”. 

See the Village Business Tax Receipts page 

Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce

The Village Business Advisory Board collaborates with the The Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber serves the 10 municipalities of Northern Palm Beach County. The Chamber focuses on the development and retention of businesses by taking an active role in issues that affect the profitability of local companies, protecting and improving the quality of life for residents and, above all, providing superior services and resources to our members.

Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce events calendar

Chamber Committees and Councils

Village Business Advisory Board

The Business Advisory Board consist of seven members. The board members are comprised of primarily of owners or operators of store front businesses along the village main commercial corridors, namely, North Lake Boulevard, U.S. Highway 1 and Alternate AIA. The board’s main focus is an endeavor to shape an expanding community of support through education of its members, prospective members, community groups and government officials.

Link to agenda (when available)

See the Business Advisory Board webpage