Fire Prevention


The duty and objective of the fire inspector is to conduct fire safety inspections to comply with the local, state, and national fire codes and standards. This is accomplished through plans review, inspections of new construction, and annual fire safety inspections of commercial occupancies. If you would like to request a fire inspection outside of your annual inspection please call 561-841-3308.

Inspected Areas

Some of the main areas we look at during an inspection include (but are not limited to):
  • Accumulation of combustible material
  • All exits must be clearly marked, properly lit, and unobstructed
  • Emergency lighting with battery back-up
  • Fire extinguishers installed and maintained in accordance with NFPA 10
    • Fire extinguishers are required to be inspected and tagged annually by a licensed technician
    • They must be mounted and visible
  • Illuminated exit signs with battery back-up
  • Improper use of extension cords - extension cords are not to be used as permanent wiring
Inspections may vary based on the type of occupancy.

Vacation Rentals 

Do you own a vacation rental? Keep your renters safe by downloading the Publisher document below, adding your rental information and printing copies to place inside of the home where your renters can easily find it. 

All safety information needs to remain as is for the safety of the renter(s), but all specific information to the location should be updated to fit the information of your rental. There is room to add your rental's house name and address, evacuation route map, suggested meeting place in case of a fire, and your contact number in case of emergencies.