What are the Florida laws concerning seat belts and car seats for children?
Seat Belts: Florida law requires all front seat passengers wear seat belts regardless of age. All passengers, regardless of location in the vehicle, who are under 18 years of age must wear seat belts.

Car Seats: The following is taken from Florida law: “Every operator of a motor vehicle as defined herein, while transporting a child in a motor vehicle operated on the roadways, streets, or highways of this state, shall, if the child is 5 years of age or younger, provide for protection of the child by properly using a crash-tested, federally approved child restraint device. For children aged through 3 years, such restraint device must be a separate carrier or a vehicle manufacturer's integrated child seat. For children aged 4 through 5 years, a separate carrier, an integrated child seat, or a seat belt may be used.”

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