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Application for appointment to the Residential Code Revision Committee

  1. Resident volunteers needed for committee

    The Village is looking for residents to join the Residential Code Revision Committee. This Ad Hoc Committee will review the Village Zoning Code and work with Village Staff and residents to create recommended changes to the Zoning Code. The intent of the recommended changes will be to address concerns about the bulk and mass of new housing relative to the historic character of homes in the Village. It is anticipated that the Committee will be comprised of seven members and will meet regularly over the next few months in order to make a recommendation regarding changes to the Zoning Code to the Planning Commission and Village Council.

    The Village is seeking candidates with interest or experience in fields such as architecture, law, building construction, real estate, or land planning. However, experience in these or related fields is not a requirement. You need to have an interest in the issue and the ability to attend a series of nighttime meetings over the next few months to be eligible. Interested candidates can apply by filling out the form available at the link below.

  2. Are you a part-time or seasonal resident?
  3. Additional information (resume, etc.) may be attached at applicant's option. Thank you for your interest in serving our community.

  4. This form and any attachments are a public record

    Please note: By Florida law, this document is a public record. If you do not want your email address released in response to a public-records request, do not include your email address. If your home address, home phone, and cell phone number are exempt under Florida Statutes, please advise the Clerk’s office when submitting this form.

  5. Code of Ethics

    All members of Village advisory boards are required to complete ethics training by reading the Palm Beach County Code of Ethics and viewing the ethics training video.

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