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Next Game: Friday, Jan. 13 / 6PM - 8PM

Future Dates

Friday, Jan. 20 / 6PM - 8PMFriday, Feb. 17 / 6PM - 8PM

Thank you for your interest in NPB's Dodgeball event. Below we have a list of game modes and rules that you should familiarize yourself before participating. We also have a list of future dates in case you couldn't make this one!


Standard Dodgeball: 2-4 teams, one on each side of the court, must eliminate the players on the opposing side until there is only one team left standing. Once you are eliminated, you will be asked to sit on the bleachers. Catch-backs are allowed, meaning if one of your teammates catches the opposing team's ball, you may be brought back into the game.

Medic: 2-4 teams. Once your team is created, they must choose one person on their team to become the "Medic." If you are hit by a ball, or your ball is caught by an opposing player, you must sit down at the moment of your elimination. The Medic is able to revive you back into the game by tagging the eliminated player. If the Medic gets hit, there is no reviving the Medic. Some games, the Medic being eliminated means the team is out, other games the Medic being eliminated means the team will have to continue without a Medic. Catch-backs are not allowed and the only means of revival are through a Medic.

Prisonball: 2 teams. Also known as Brazillian Dodgeball, Prisonball is a gamemode recommended for more experienced players. The game starts with two teams on opposite sides and balls in the middle. Being eliminated means you must go to the enemy team's "prison." The prison is the line behind the enemy team. The only means of revival is having your team throw a ball to you (you must still be behind the line), and you catch your teammate's ball. Once you catch your teammates ball, you must run and touch the wall on your side. You cannot be thrown out until you touch the wall. There is a special mechanic that the host may or may not invoke in each round called the "Prisoner Elimination" mechanic. The Prisoner Elimination mechanic is one that requires you to throw and score a dodgeball into the enemy team's center hoop. Once this is done, all the prisoners on the enemy team are permanently eliminated. This can only be done once per game, per team. The game is won by complete imprisonment or elimination of one team.

Gladiator: 2-4 teams. Gladiator takes the open court and adds obstacles and covers. Instead of dodgeball starting off across the middle - like the other games - dodgeballs will be scattered randomly across the court. Similarly to standard dodgeball, the only means of revival are catch-backs. The game is won once there is only one team left standing.


  • At the start of each game, each player will need to have one hand and one foot touching their wall.
  • The game starts when the host says "GO."
  • No Headshots. Any shots to the head do not eliminate a player.
  • Any clothes worn are considered apart of your body, any part of your body that is hit is "out", making baggy clothes unfavorable for this game.
  • Must be ages 13 and up to participate.
  • Sportsmanship is asked of every participant.