Milling & Resurfacing

Resident cooperation needed for successful repaving

Ranger Construction will begin repaving several Village residential streets on August 7, 2023. Work will continue for several weeks, depending on weather conditions. To minimize disruptions to local neighborhoods and to ensure safe completion of the project, Ranger asks that residents be mindful of some important issues that require public cooperation for the project to be successful.

Daily starting time (subject to weather conditions)

Crews mobilize on the site around 7:30 a.m. daily with asphalt paving beginning at 8 a.m.  The target stop time is 5:30 p.m. depending on job conditions, work remaining, etc.   

Access (don't leave car parked in road)

If your car is parked in the area in which crews will be working, or if you need to travel across the work area, they ask that you move your car prior to their arrival. You may wish to move your car the night before.  All automobiles must be out of the work area before crews can proceed with paving.  If you leave your automobile in a private driveway, please understand that access will be very limited.  They also ask that you plan to avoid driving in the areas where they are paving for the safety of all parties concerned. In the event of an emergency, please make sure that the paving crew is aware of your presence and try not to drive in areas where fresh asphalt has not been compacted.   

"Tack" (liquid asphalt product)

Tack (as shown on the right) is a liquid asphalt product,  which increases cohesion between the old and new layers of asphalt. Please do not drive or walk in the   marked areas where tack has been applied. This product is difficult for you to remove.  If you inadvertently get tack on your car, "Go-Jo" or an orange oil based product such as "Citri-Solv" has been found to be beneficial in removing tack from automobiles, shoes, etc.  

Maintenance of new surface

After paving has been completed, please avoid turning  the wheels of your automobile while sitting still on the new asphalt, such as after backing out of parking stalls.   This action scuffs up the surface and may leave a mark in the asphalt. Generally, these disappear over time with normal traffic. Deeply grooved tires, such as those on lawn tractors, have a tendency to scuff up new asphalt as well. It is advisable to keep these types of vehicles off the surface until the asphalt had "cured" (increased in hardness) which is   about 30 days.  

Irrigation and lawn sprinklers

Asphalt cannot be resurfaced if conditions are too wet.  Please remember to turn lawn off sprinkler system at least 24 hours prior to crew arrival on your street. 

Who to call

If you have questions, call Public Works at (561) 691-3440. 

Dates and locations (click lines to see scheduled work dates)

Zoom in and click on the highlighted lines to see streets and the dates they are scheduled for milling and repaving. Only the highlighted streets are currently scheduled. NOTE as of August 8th: On Fairhaven Place, the project has been removed from the schedule pending completion of other unrelated work in the cul-de-sac.