Anchorage Playground Replacement

UPDATE: Expected delivery of new playground is November 28, 2022. We will post updates as we get them. We plan to have a grand opening ribbon cutting celebration when the new playground is ready to open. Stay tuned for date/time!


Thank you for Voting! This survey CLOSED ON APRIL 18, 2022 at 8PM. Results will be compiled and posted here. If you provided your email to us, we will send updates as they occur. Thanks! Zak Sherman, Director.


1,218 viewed the survey.

329 completed the survey.

27.01% submission rate.

Desktop submissions 19%

Mobile submissions 80%

Which Playground did respondents prefer?

Either Option 21 (6.38%)

Option A (ARC) with the zip lines 204 (62.01%)

Option B (Miracle) with the mega towers 104 (31.61%)

Winner is Option A by Advanced Recreational Concepts (ARC) (the one with the zip line!!)

Next Steps:

Council approved the final playground design on April 28. Staff placed the order for the parts shortly thereafter. Estimated delivery is November 2022.

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Help us pick the new playground design!

Anchorage Park at 603 Anchorage Drive is getting a new playground! 

The new pieces will replace the existing equipment, in the same spot. The only piece of equipment that will be staying is the new merry-go-round that was installed a few months back. The small pavilions will also be staying.

“We are really excited to be bringing a new playground to Anchorage Park, especially one that is full of shade, shade, shade!” says Village of North Palm Beach Director of Leisure Services Zak Sherman.

“During the Needs Assessment that was conducted last year, we heard residents voice their concerns that shade for playgrounds is a big priority.”

“That’s why our final two designs have massive amounts of shade.”

To help move the process forward, the Village is asking residents to select their favorite playground design through a community survey, and the winning design will be constructed in the upcoming year.

Families can view the two design options and vote via online survey or in person at Anchorage Park Activities building, 603 Anchorage Dr.

The survey is open until 8:00 p.m. April 18, 2022.

You can take the survey HERE, where you can see pictures of the two proposals.

The purpose is to gather feedback which will help to ensure that the new playground meets the needs of the community, so please spread it to any and all that you know who use the playground. The survey should take approximately 5-10 minutes.

Thank you for taking the time to share your input!

Contact Information

For more information or questions regarding this project, please contact Stephen Poh, Superintendent of Parks and Recreation, or Zak Sherman, Director of Leisure Services, by email or phone, (561) 841-3386. 

Two options (below) are proposed for a new playground at Anchorage Park. THANK YOU for your interest in the future of the Anchorage Park playground!

Option A, by Advanced Recreational Concepts (ARC) includes:

  • Custom playground structures for ages 2-5 and 6-12
  • Custom Sail Shade over entire playground
  • New swing set with 4 standard swings, 2 tot buckets, and 2 ADA swings (8 total swings)
  • Synthetic Turf under entire playground; ADA mulch under swing set
  • Custom UltraZip Dragon Rider Zip Line!
  • Freestanding playscape pieces with challenging cables, elevated climbers, and social hangout spots 
  • Numerous climbing and balancing pieces that build strength, balance, and coordination
  • 4 slides

Option B, by Miracle Recreation Equipment, Co. includes:

  • Custom playground structures for ages 2-5 and 5-12
  • Custom Sail Shade over entire playground
  • New swing set with 4 standard swings, 3 tot buckets, and 1 ADA swings (8 total swings)
  • Synthetic Turf under entire playground; ADA mulch under swing set
  • Freestanding interactive pieces for ages 2-12, including a spinatorium, dynamics, lab, and grand gallery
  • Freestanding Gravity Diamond climbing piece for ages 5-12
  • 2 giant megatowers for climbing
  • 6 slides

PLEASE NOTE: In the survey, we received a few questions as to why the swing set area did not include shade or turf. The reason why is because it would have put us over budget. Our budget for the project is $450k. Both final designs are priced in the $430s. On Option A, for example, to add shade over the swings and additional turf would raise the price from the $430s to $513k- about $80k!