Borrowing and Returning Items Has Never Been Easier

We are excited to introduce cloudLibrary - the new feature-packed app that makes it easier than ever to borrow, organize, and return your library items. Click here to start using cloudLibrary today.


cloudLibrary is a free service, available to all library patrons – all you need is your library card. The app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Patron can simply download the app, log in using their library card/pin and start browsing today!

With cloudLibrary you can:

  • Customize your cloudLibrary: reading is fun – so is this app. Create your own avatar, choose a theme, and curate notifications, so you get the information you want just the way you want it.
  • Virtual library card: never leave your card at home again. Your virtual library card in the cloudLibrary app can do everything your physical card can do – except take up space in your wallet. And the best part? You can load the whole family’s cards into cloudLibrary and easily switch between accounts. 
  • Multiple cards available: with cloudLibrary, you can carry all your library cards so you don't have to test your wallet's capacity. With cloudLibrary open, select "Account," then "View Cards," and select "Add New" from the top right corner of your screen.
  • Place holds: browse books and place holds right from your phone.
  • Save future reads: with cloudLibrary, the possibilities are endless. Browse titles and save them for future reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

DIGITAL_cloudLibrary_contentHow do I get cloudLibrary?

Cloud library is available through your computer here. It is also available to your mobile or smart device from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Search cloudLibrary in your app store and install it instantly.

How do I log into cloudLibrary through my phone or smart device?

Once you have installed cloudLibrary, open the app and you will see the welcome page. Tap the screen to continue to log in. Then, select your country, state, and library before selecting next. You must accept the terms and conditions before logging into the app. Type in your library card number and start using cloudLibrary!

How long can I have an eBook checked out for?

A standard loan is fourteen (14) days.

How many cloudLibrary eBooks can I have checked out at a time?

You can have five (5) checked out at a time.

How many holds can I make on cloudLibrary?

You can make ten (10) holds at any given time.

How many purchase suggestions can I make through cloudLibrary?

You can make five (5) purchase suggestions through cloudLibrary.

What if there is an eBook that I want to read, but it's not on cloudLibrary?

There are three ways to suggest a cloudLibrary eBook:

1)   To make purchase suggestions through the cloudLibrary app, you can go to the "Search" option from the bottom of the screen and select the filter icon that will be on the top right corner of your screen. Once selected, switch "Suggestions for library" from the off position to the on position and select "Apply." Now you can search for books and submit purchase suggestions with your book search.

2)   To make purchase suggestions through the cloudLibrary website, after you login with your library card number, you can find "Filters" from the top menu. Select "Filters" and then select "Suggestions for library." A blue check mark should appear after you select this feature. Now you can search for books and submit purchase suggestions with your book search.

3)   Patrons can also make book requests from their library account. Select here, follow the login directions, and you will be taken to your personal library account where you can make purchase suggestions. Select "New purchase suggestion" to begin and fill out the required information. Under "Item type," you must select "EBook" in order for your Library to know you would like the eBook version of the book you are requesting. If you specifically want the book on cloudLibrary and not the Library's other eBook providers, please specify in the "Notes" portion of the purchase suggestion form

How do I know when a purchase suggestion or eBook hold is available?

cloudLibrary will send you an email to let you know when your eBook is available.