Farmer's Table Restaurant

The restaurant and banquet facilities at the North Palm Beach Country Club are now managed by Farmer's Table, which has been a hugely popular dining destination in Boca Raton for several years, and now is conveniently located at the clubhouse for easy access to people from all over northern Palm Beach County.

Farmer's Table is YOUR community restaurant—the one you choose for your special family occasion or your corporate dining event—the one you walk into and feel like you are among family and friends. And the one where you know you will only be served food that has been sourced cleanly and responsibly so you know you are eating the best our planet has to offer. You will never find any chemical, hormone, pesticide or antibiotics in Farmer's Table proteins.

Farmer's Table is now an important part of the North Palm Beach community, and you can follow them on social media at:

And be sure to check the Farmer's Table website to learn more about the healthy food and fun dining experiences now possible at the North Palm Beach Country Club.

Farmers Table collage of food images and Farmer's Table delivery van