Community Development Department


420 U.S. Highway 1
Suite 21
North Palm Beach, FL 33408



Link: Community Development Department Page

Name Title Email Phone
Malone, Denise Director 561-841-3369
Lerner, Jane Administrative Coordinator 561-841-3387

Planning & Zoning Division 

Link: Planning and Zoning Page

Name Title Email Phone
Sita, Erin Village Planner 561-882-1156
Ngwira, Jeannine Planner 561-904-2121

Building and Permitting 
Link: Building and Permitting Division

Name Title Email Phone
Dupell, Mark Building Official 561-841-3366
Wuraftic, Sandy Permit & License Supervisor 561-841-3368
Dennis, Knowles Building Inspector 561-904-2129
Kulas, David Permit Technician 561-841-3364
Gorman, Jennifer Permit Technician 561-841-3362
Drummer III, Watson Permit Technician 561-841-3378
Fiedler, Don Electrical Inspector

Code Compliance Division 
Link: Code Compliance Division Page

Name Title Email Phone
Haughton , Lillian Zoning Compliance Officer 561-841-3363
Johnson, Gail Code Compliance Officer 561-841-3367