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Posted on: March 11, 2020

March 27 Coronavirus update:

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March 27 UPDATE

  • Farmer’s Table curbside and Farmer’s Table Express service has been canceled until further notice. See list of restaurants offering curbside service
  • The Village Library curbside service continues. Library patrons are encouraged to keep any checked-out books at home for now. There will be no fines for overdue books and materials. If you do receive an email notification that you have a fine, please ignore it until further notice.
  • Residents are urged to close and tie all garbage bags put outside for pickup. Sanitation crews serve a vital role in public health and should not be exposed to possible germs or infections from unsealed garbage bags
  • Anyone calling 911 for Fire Rescue services is urged to provide all information asked for by the 911 call taker. If you suspect coronavirus symptoms, you will get the same professional service, by the firefighter/paramedics will take extra precaution to protect themselves from the virus
  • All parks remain closed, pursuant to Palm Beach County Emergency Order 3
  • All waterways and docks in the Village, and the Anchorage Park boat ramp are closed to all boating activity, with the exception of commercially licensed vessels, pursuant to Palm Beach County Emergency Order 3
  • The Village continues to strongly support the the recommendations from the CDC and Florida Department of Health about frequent hand washing, maintaining social distancing, avoiding crowds, covering one’s mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, and avoiding touching of one’s face

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March 25 UPDATE

  • In accordance with Palm Beach County Emergency Order 3:
    • All Village parks are now closed until further notice
    • The Country Club golf course and Pro Shop are closed until further notice
    • The Village driving range is closed until further notice
    • The Village Tennis Center is closed until further notice
    • The Village pool is closed until further notice
  • People age 65 years and older, as well as people with higher risk medical conditions, are urged to stay home to reduce risk of coronavirus. The CDC website gives some examples of high-risk conditions here


March 24 UPDATE

  • The Village Council meeting scheduled for Thursday, March 26 is canceled
  • Several restaurants in the area are offering curbside service: Here’s a partial list of of them
  • Here’s a link to the Farmer’s Table curbside menu
  • The Anchorage Park boat ramp is closed
  • The United Way of Palm Beach County has provided this list of stores implementing senior shopping hours. See the list
  • Please make sure any garbage bags you put outside for collection are tied securely for the health and safety of Village sanitation crews


March 20 UPDATE

  • It is CRITICALLY important for firefighter safety that residents who call for Fire Rescue services answer the 911 call taker’s questions accurately and completely. The Fire Department will continue to provide the same high quality service regardless of the answers, but firefighters and paramedics will take additional precautionary measures to protect themselves from the risk of contracting the coronavirus (COVID-19). It is critically important that ALL first responders stay healthy at this time, so cooperation by every person in the Village is extremely important to public health
  • All residents are reminded to seal garbage bags to protect sanitation crews from exposed items in bags. Please ties bags appropriately so they are not open when the crews arrive at your house. It is important that sanitation crews remain healthy to ensure sanitary conditions for the public and the workers
  • All Village buildings and offices are closed to the public physically, including the police and fire departments, but business can still be transacted by phone or email
  • See the Village phone contact page
  • Because of the Governor’s orders to promote social distancing, Lakeside Park is now closed for all uses until the end of April. Please do not enter on foot, in a car, by boat or any other means
  • All Village residents are urged to continue "social distancing" as recommended by the CDC, as well as proper hand washing techniques, covering the mouth and nose when sneezing, coughing, etc, working from home if possible, and avoiding necessary public outings  
  • The Village Library is now offering curbside service
  • Farmer’s Table is now offering curbside service
  • There will be no Village Council discussions of any RV or boat storage ordinances until after the coronavirus situation has passed

Residents should check the Village social media accounts for the latest information and advice:


March 17 UPDATE

  • The Village Council declared a local "State of Emergency," Tuesday, empowering the Village Manager to take actions to ensure public health and safety. Other Village actions taken Tuesday include:
  • All Village buildings and offices (with the exception of Farmer’s Table) are now closed to the public. village employees are continuing to work and can be contacted by phone or email.
  • See the Village phone contact page
  • If you do not know who to contact, call (561) 904-2122 or email and you will be directed to the appropriate office or employee


March 16 UPDATE

The Village of North Palm Beach continues to address the coronavirus situation and is working to help prevent the spread of the illness. The most recent actions are intended to increase “social distancing” and sharply reduce person-to-person contact, to emphasize hygiene, cleanliness and hand washing, and to educate Village staff, visitors and residents about the importance of covering one’s nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing.

Anyone who needs to do business with any Village office or employee is asked to first call (561) 904-2122. Many issues and needs can be satisfactorily resolved through the Village website, or by emailing

The most recent actions taken are:

Cancellations and Closures

  • Annual Heritage Day Parade and Festival is postponed. A make-up date will be announced in the future if possible
  • The Spring Break camp scheduled for March 23-27 at the Community Center is canceled
  • The Spring Break camp scheduled for March 23-27 at the Country Club is canceled
  • The Community Center is closed until further notice (the Anchorage Park building remains open)
  • All Easter activities, including the egg hunts are canceled
  • The Library remains open, however all activities and classes there have been canceled through April 30. Anyone needed to do printing or scanning work can call the Library at (561) 841-3383. The recently upgraded cloudLibrary services remain available online.
  • While the Country Club Tennis courts remain open, the tennis shop will be closed. All group and team clinics have been canceled, however, those who have individual tennis lessons with an instructor are asked to call the Tennis Center to determine availability. The number is (561) 691-3425. Staff will monitor phones until 5 p.m. daily. The restrooms will be open and the courts may be accessed by entering from behind the Tennis Center building
  • The Country Club golf course remains open for regular play, but all group and team events are canceled
  • The snack shack that serves the golf course and Country Club pool remains open

Police and Fire Departments

  • The Fire Department building is closed to the public for routine drop-in blood pressure checks.
  • The Fire Department will continue to respond to all calls for service.
  • The Police Department is closed for public fingerprinting requests
  • Please call the Police Department before coming in to initiate a police report or to make a public records request. Call (561) 882-1142 or email
  • Officers will continue to patrol the Village and respond to all calls for service

Community Development, Permits, Code Compliance

  • Before coming to the offices, please call or email first:
    • Building: (561) 841-3365 (Prompt 1). Email
    • Planning: (561) 882-1156. Email
    • For Code Compliance: (561) 841-3365 (Prompt 3). Email

Heath Information

  • Florida Heath Department number for questions (call center) about the virus is (866) 779-6121 or

School Meals for Kids

  • Palm Beach County Schools has opened 30 daily feeding sites for children. These “grab & go” meals are served from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Drive-Through Coronavirus Testing

  • FoundCare Inc. has opened a drive-through coronavirus testing center at 2330 South Congress Avenue in West Palm Beach. Service will be on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. If you think you have symptoms and need a test, call (561) 967-0365. Another drive-through testing center is also open in Stuart at Martin North Hospital, a Cleveland Clinic facility at 200 S.E. Hospital Avenue in Stuart. Appointment required, call (772) 419-3360.

Cleaning Up With Disinfecting Products This Week?

  • The Florida Department of Health reminds you to never mix household bleach with ammonia or any other cleanser--it can create dangerous, toxic fumes!


March 14 UPDATE

The Village of North Palm Beach recognizes and shares the community’s concerns about the coronavirus situation. The Village management team is taking actions according to the latest data and advice from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and the Florida Department of Health. 

Village Actions

In the interest of the public health, the Village has:

  • Cancelled the Annual Village-wide Garage Sale on March 21 at the Community Center 
  • Postponed the Annual Resident Art Show that was scheduled for April 17 (future date not yet determined)
  • Increased the chlorine levels in the Village pool at the Country Club
  • Instructed Village employees to continue frequent hand washing and other hygiene practices
  • Placed handwashing reminder and instructional signage in every Village restroom
  • Issued additional cleaning supplies to every 
  • Village departments are doing frequent wipe downs of counter tops, door knobs, handles, etc.
  • Sharing health and safety information from authoritative sources 

Heritage Day Festival

The Village management team is reviewing the options for the Annual Heritage Day Parade and Festival. Any changes to that event will be posted on the Village Facebook page and the Village Twitter page, as well as on the Village website. Those sources of information should be checked frequently throughout the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, as the most updated information will be posted there.

Need to come to Village Hall?

The Village asks anyone who needs to do Village business to consider using online services or call before coming to a Village facility. Many issues and needs can be satisfactorily resolved online or by calling (561) 904-2122. 

Village Classes and Activity

The best way to limit the spread of the virus is follow CDC recommendations. Accordingly, the Village urges all residents to be mindful of basic health and hygiene practices, such as hand washing with soap and water, covering one’s mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, and avoiding touching one’s mouth, nose and eyes. Anyone participating in a Village activity, class or program is asked to please practice the recommend hygiene practices while on Village property. Everyone should bring their own hand sanitizer, towels, disinfecting wipes, etc.

Spring Camps

The Village is reworking the plans for the Spring Break Camps scheduled for March 23-27. Details are not finalized yet, so please check the Village Facebook and Twitter pages frequently for the latest information. Any changes or new plans for the camps will be posted there.

Heading to the Library?

Did you know you can access many Village Library items online? And now we are linked with libraries across the state, with more than 120,000 titles available. Get e-books and e-audio books with a free app. It’s easy -- you need only your library card: This is a great tool that can be used from home to minimize personal contact.

Older adults and higher risk people

Those who are susceptible to the virus -- older adults and those with illnesses and/or chronic health issues -- should isolate themselves to ensure that they are protected.

The Village appreciates the efforts and sacrifices residents are making in order to reduce the spread of coronavirus, and encourages everyone to take individual responsibility to maintain our collective health.

Residents should check the Village social media accounts for the latest information and advice:


March 11 UPDATE

The North Palm Beach Village management team is closely monitoring developments relating to the coronavirus situation and is taking steps to share information with the public and help prevent the spread of the illness.

These are the actions taken by the Village:

  • Village Management team met to discuss coronavirus response plan and actions
  • Monitoring COVID-19 developments through the CDC, DOH, WHO, PBC Emergency Management, etc. to be aware of any actions the Village may need to take
  • Purchased extra supplies of bleach wipes, air spays, hand sanitizer and dispensers
  • Prominently posted hand washing instructions in every Village bathroom at Village facilities
  • Distributed hand and surface washing instructions to Village employees
  • Department heads are informing staff of the importance of hand washing, covering mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing, staying home if sick, not touching face, etc.
  • Departments that have frequent public contact have been instructed to regularly wipe down counter tops, door knobs and public areas with disinfecting wipes
  • IT Department has prepared a limited number of laptops for staff to use IF working from home (for those who can) becomes necessary
  • Publicly sharing several CDC and WHO awareness videos and graphics through all our social media channels. The content of the messages has been limited to what coronavirus is and how people can help prevent the spread. These messages also serve as rumor control and to let people know Village channels will be a reliable source of information if the situation escalates

The Village will continue to share relevant information from authoritative agencies and will post any change in actions or status if it occurs. 

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