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Posted on: December 20, 2018

Police recommend SmartWater technology to protect property

Image of SmartWater comany's logo with North Palm Beach police badge in the upper left

Did you know there is a way to invisibly label your valuable items so they can be identified if they are ever stolen? The product is called SmartWater, and the Village Police Department recommends it as an effective crime-fighting tool.


SmartWater is a colorless and odorless liquid invisible except under ultraviolet light. Each bottle has a unique code identifying the owner. 

You purchase SmartWater through the company’s website,, using a promotional password provided by the Police Department. The product will be mailed to you by the company. 

When it arrives, just spray or dab it on to your valuable items, and they will be marked for years with invisible, but traceable code that is specific to you. If a marked valuable ever is stolen, then found by police, a scan of the item with the invisible code will lead police to you so the property can be returned. 

SmartWater also can be traced for weeks on the skin of anyone who comes in contact with it, making court convictions of burglars and thieves more likely. The liquid is non carcinogenic and lasts a minimum of five years on a piece of property.

The product was developed in the United Kingdom about 20 years ago and is deployed in more than a million homes. The Village Police Department began using it four years ago, and was the second agency in the County to initiate a SmartWater program. Riviera Beach and the Village were the first to deploy the product in the southern U.S. 

SmartWater advisory signs can be posted at your house as a deterrent, and many Village residents have been using SmartWater to help secure their property. Also, the Palm Beach County Jail scans arrestees for SmartWater traces on suspects, helping solve other crimes. 

If you are interested in purchasing SmartWater or have questions, contact Sergeant Lou Pearson at (561) 841-3317.

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