U.S. 1 westside alley repaving

Repaving west alley on U.S. 1

UPDATE: July 1

Staff met with contractor on June 30 once again and found one more spot that needs reworked.  Stripping will be soon after.

UPDATE: June 18

Contractor is having its final walkthrough with SUA on Monday June 21st.  Staff is working with Engineer on additional striping for bicycle/pedestrian markings.

UPDATE: June 4

Engineer and Staff walked the project today for semifinal review.  There are some areas that need attention but overall looks good. Contractor indicated they will be doing striping on Monday June 7.  Final walkthrough is not yet scheduled.

UPDATE: June 2

Staff is working with contractor on cleaning/repairing/painting of wall, bar stops for stop signs and final inspections.  Project should be completed by end of next week.

UPDATE: May 24

The U.S. 1 west side alley is open to traffic again. Vehicles can pass through, but crews will be cleaning and painting the wall. Please drive with caution.

UPDATE: May 18

Walked entire length of project with Contractor and Engineer.  The project will not be ready to pave until Thursday.  During the walkthrough this morning there were many deficiencies noted that need to be corrected prior to paving.  Contractor indicated paving should be completed by the middle of next week.

UPDATE: May 12

Repairs and inspections to utility lines are complete, and repaving is now scheduled for Tuesday & Wednesday, May 18-19.

UPDATE: May 10

Inspections from SUA are scheduled for Wednesday May 12 with paving immediately following.


Contractor indicates the inspections for this project will happen the week of May 10th.  Paving will begin right after inspections from Engineer and Seacoast Utility Authority.


Contractor is continuing the adjustment and repairs for Seacoast Utility Authority throughout the project.  Contractor indicated this work will run through most of the week of May 3rd.  Contractor anticipates paving to begin around May 10th.

UPDATE: April 26

Contractor is working with Seacoast Utility Authority where they noted many adjustments and repairs that need to be done. They are scheduling this with their subcontractor.  Hopefully this can start this week.  Contractor is going to walk the site with the Engineer of Records inspector to see if he has any other items that need to be addressed prior to paving. 

Once all the approvals on densities, seacoast, engineering, as built have been completed they can schedule paving.  The Village will keep you updated on progress. 

UPDATE: March 30

Alley repaving work was postponed and will begin at the south end near Village Hall Monday, April 5th.

UPDATE: March 19
Beginning Monday, March 22, the U.S. 1 westside alley will be closed to any southbound traffic between Lighthouse Drive and Anchorage Drive North. Northbound traffic in that part of the alley will be allowed to continue temporarily while crews begin working on asphalt close to the alley wall.

The current closure of the alley  for construction directly behind the future memory care center remains in place until further notice.

Westside alley closure. Aerial photo showing work area

UPDATE: March 3
A portion of the westside alley along U.S. 1 will be closed to traffic from March 8th through March 29th because of construction at the memory care center being built to the south of the U.S. Post Office. This closure is not part of the Village repaving plan, but is being done to connect the future memory care center to utilities under the alley. The utility connection is being added before the repaving is done so the alley will not have to be torn up twice. Click the map to expand the view.

Aerial view of west alley area from Ebbtide to Lighthouse Drive

UPDATE: February 26
The Village will be repaving the alley between U.S. 1 and Eastwind Drive using a process called Full Depth Reclamation, which recycles the existing pavement and eliminates the need to haul in new asphalt or dispose of the old pavement. A video of that process is below to give an idea of how it works.

Preparation for the west alley project is scheduled to begin the week of March 1, with heavy construction starting March 18. The contractor is required to complete the project by the end of May, but the Village anticipates work will be complete in early May if not sooner. 

During construction, most of the alley will be available for use. However, residents and businesses should be prepared to seek alternate routes until construction is complete. Businesses that require special accommodations should contact the Village for assistance.  

Please contact Public Works with any questions or concerns at (561) 691-3440. You can also send email to chuff@village-npb.org or check for project status updates on the page.

alley view north and south

Here's a good explanation of Full Depth Reclamation