Meet the Staff

Zakariya Sherman
Zak has been with the Library since 2016. Before getting involved with libraries, Zak always thought he would take up an active occupation, like park ranger or police officer, until circumstances had him stumble into the Library field by chance. He ended up loving learning and helping people, and through the Library he found he could accomplish both. When he isn't enjoying chicken wings, football, and dreaming about living in a tree in the woods, he enjoys the Library's ability to make a difference in people's lives; whether through programs, finding information, or getting books. He says that by working for a town like Village of North Palm Beach, the sky is the limit.
Lynn Johnson
Lynn has been with the Library for almost sixteen years. She started working part-time at the Library for six months before she was hired to work full-time. She always thought joining the Library field would be a good opportunity to further her learning about libraries and she could, therefore, help others learn about them, too. Always looking to expand her knowledge, Lynn enjoys helping patrons with their electronics, as it keeps her up-to-date as well. She says, “I’ve always liked learning about electronics! And I really like helping people. It just makes you feel good to help them.” When Lynn isn’t enjoying boating, bicycling, or horseback riding, she loves working with the public, connecting with patrons, and being there for patrons in any and all areas they need help with in the Library. 
Mark Mork
Mark has worked in the Library for ten years. He was driven towards libraries because he missed going through the stacks, reading its books, and was comfortable in all things books and education. When Mark isn’t enjoying sports, reading, or talking on the phone with old high school friends, he enjoys helping people with their questions; especially, students who need help finding books for their papers. Mark oversees turning the new released books to the regular stacks and enjoys assisting patrons with any inquiries they bring his way. 
Julie Morrell
Julie Morrell
Julie has worked for the Library since 2010. She first got a job in the Library as a teenager and it was always her favorite place to go to after school. To this day, she enjoys helping people discover new things and find information. She leads the children story times and is always looking to recommend new books to children. Julie says, “I’ve lived in North Palm Beach all my life. This is my childhood Library and I’m proud to be a part of it. And I don’t shush people.”
Edna Rodriguez
Edna moved to South Florida twenty-eight years ago from São Paulo, Brazil, where she graduated with a Bachelors of Library Sciences. She had been a bookworm all her life, and loves spreading her joy of reading with others. Edna leads our monthly book club, as well as our monthly crafts for the community. 
Meagan Hurd
Meagan has been with the Library since 2017. She fell in love with libraries later in life when she discovered they had a few commonalities: a love of books, reading, and community involvement. She enjoys finding new ways to reach out to the community and show that libraries are for everyone. When she isn't at the Library, Meagan enjoys being with her friends. She oversees the Teen Library Out-of-School Program as well as the Library's Teen Advisory Group (T.A.G.) and teen volunteers.