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How To Login to OverDrive from Your Smart Device:

  • You can access OverDrive by downloading the app from your Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Once downloaded, select the three bar icon from the top left corner of your screen. A menu should pop up.
  • Select "Account," then "Sign In."
  • Select to "Sign in using library card" and search "North Palm Beach Library" as the library name.
  • Once you've selected the library, you must select the library again from the drop-down menu and enter your library card number.
  • Select to "Sign In" and your are logged into OverDrive from your smart device.
How to Login to OverDrive from Your Computer:

  • You can click here to go to OverDrive.
  • Once you are on the OverDrive page, select the "Sign In" on the top right of the menu.
  • Select "North Palm Beach Library" from the list of libraries in the drop-down menu. Then, enter your library card number.
  • Select "Sign In" and you are logged into OverDrive from your smart device.
Frequently Asked Questions

How many OverDrive eBooks or eAudiobooks can I borrow?

You can borrow six (6) OverDrive items at a time.

How many holds can I place on OverDrive?

You can place five (5) holds at a time.

How many purchase suggestions can I make on OverDrive?

You can make two book recommendations every seven days.

How do I know when a purchase suggestion or eBook hold is available?

OverDrive will send you an email to let you know when your eBook is available.

What if there is an eBook that I want to read, but it's not on OverDrive?

There are two ways you can make purchase suggestions for OverDrive:

1) Patrons can make purchase suggestion through OverDrive on their app or computer here. Once logged in, search for the book that you want to suggest. On the results page, select "Recommend to library" under the "Availability" filter. There should be a "Not Owned" banner at the top of some of the results. Click or tap "Recommend" to recommend the title. If the Library buys the title, you will be added to the wait list and receive an email when your hold is available.

2) Patrons can make book requests from their library account. Select here, follow the login directions, and you will be taken to your personal library account where you can make purchase suggestions. Select "New purchase suggestion" to begin and fill out the required information.

Under "Item type," you must select "EBook" in order for your Library to know you would like the eBook version of the book you are requesting. If you specifically want the book on OverDrive and not the Library's other eBook providers, please specify in the "Notes" portion of the purchase suggestion form