Village boat and rv ordinance

North Palm Beach code compliance officers issue notices for violations of the Village’s boat and recreational vehicle ordinance, which requires boats and RVs to be visually screened from view and properly licensed when stored on residential properties.

The Village seeks to encourage property owners to comply with the boat and RV ordinance, which was written after considerable public discussion and review of community needs. The ordinance requires boat and RV owners who park their boats and RVs outside their homes to register with the Village. The cost is $10 for a one-time boat and recreational vehicle registration fee. 

Sections 18-35 and 18-35.1 of the ordinance list the requirements for parking boats and RVs on residential properties. Subparagraph (8) of each section lists the requirement for visual screening. It reads, “All such equipment, when parked on site, shall be visually screened from the view of abutting properties, street rights-of-way, and alleyways.”

Other requirements are listed in the ordinance as well, including height and length limitations for boats and RVs, and requirements for the vehicles to be kept in “clean, neat and presentable condition.” Provisions include a Village registration process and a special exception process for those not meeting the maximum length and height requirements who can demonstrate that all non-dimensional requirements, including setbacks and screening, are met. 

Related questions, concerns and comments should be emailed to Village staff will work with residents throughout the process of transitioning to code compliance. 

Sec. 18-33 - Code Definitions              

For the purposes of this article, whenever the following words or terms are used herein they shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context requires otherwise:

Boat means any vessel, with or without motor propulsion, commonly used for private recreation activities, designed for travel over water, and for which a trailer is required for transportation over land. The definition of boat shall specifically include a personal watercraft as defined by state statute and shall specifically exclude those vessels not required to be titled with the state pursuant to state statute.

Recreational vehicle means any vehicle or portable structure designed primarily to provide temporary living quarters for recreation, camping or travel use, other than a light van; either a vehicular structure mounted on wheels, self-powered or designed to be pulled by another vehicle or a structure designed to be mounted upon and carried by another vehicle.

Trailer means a vehicular structure mounted on wheels designed to be pulled by another vehicle.


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