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  1. Melania Trump-Mira Ricardel feud has Palm Beach connection, of course

    In case all the election flap swirling around - really, we';re still living down that 2000 Bush-Gore thing - hasn';t convinced you of our belief that Palm Beach is the center...

  2. Against all odds, BB floating dock hovers on horizon

    Sections of the floating dock intended for the Historic Bridge Street Pier in Bradenton Beach lay stacked Nov. 8 in a yard at Hecker Construction Company Inc. in

  3. Man's ashes go missing for three years

    NORTH PALM BEACH, Fla. Walter Lubinsky spent most of his life on the water. It';s where he felt at peace.

  4. Husband to change 'not guilty' plea in Delray woman's vanishing at sea

    A hearing is set for Monday in Miami for Lewis Bennett to change his plea of not guilty in the alleged 2017 murder at sea of his wife, Isabella Hellmann of suburban Delray Beach...

  5. Palm Beach homes: Lakefront house fetches $8.9 million, OK'd for demolition

    A real estate investment group with Palm Beach ties appears to have flipped a lakefront house on the North End in a...

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