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  1. Kids headed for Carnegie Hall are performing spring concert

    The Palm Beach Children';s Chorus got a visit from former American Idol contestant Kelley Kime, in the back wearing the pink shirt. Courtesy photo The Palm Beach...

  2. Successful Entrepreneur Shares Keys to Wealth with College Graduates

    A Graduate';s Guide to Life by Frank J. Hanna is a roadmap to authentic success that offers a new perspective on wealth. "One of the critical points I want to make here, as someone who lives and breathes every day in the world of finance, is...

  3. as the Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates, CD Rates Remain in the Dumpster

    A decade ago, just before the last recession kicked in, savers were earning an average of nearly 4 percent on one-year CDs. With two quarter-point interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve in recent months and economists generally expecting two...

  4. Polls: More disapprove than approve of Trump firing FBI Director Comey

    President Donald Trump stops his motorcade to greet supporters on Bingham Island near Mar-a-Lago in March. Two new polls show more Americans disapprove than approve of President...

  5. Mixed-use center in Palm Beach sells at a loss

    The City Centre office and retail complex in Palm Beach Gardens sold for $28.1 million, a 24 percent discount from its last trade 11 years ago.

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