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  1. Flagler Village expected to get new Hilton dual-branded hotel by 2019

    An artistic illustration of the 202-room Tru/Home 2 Suites dual-branded hotel that';s being developed in Flager Village area of downtown Fort Lauderdale, formerly called...

  2. Palm Beach County plans congratulatory letter to Donald Trump

    On Nov. 23 trump picked South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and Betsy DeVos to serve as his secretary of Education. On Nov. 23 trump...

  3. Get a CLUE: Little-known report can raise your home insurance costs

    You probably have no clue about a database insurers use called CLUE . More than four out of five consumers never heard of it, a recent survey shows.

  4. Countdown to Inauguration Day: What you need to know today

    Florida';s top contenders for posts in a Trump administration are said to be: Pam Bondi, who is a member of the President-elect';s transition team; billionaire Wilbur Ross , a part-time

  5. Cruise in to a food truck rally and car show at this park with views

    MacArthur Beach State Park is hosting a car show and food truck rally Saturday. Photo courtesy Friends of MacArthur Beach State Park The first Cruisin'; Food Fest, a car show and food truck rally, will be noon to 4 p.m. Nov. 12 at MacArthur...

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