Awards Ceremony

2017 Awards Ceremony 

Unit Citation: 
February 1, 2017-Wells Fargo Bank
Police Sergeant Joseph Yungk, Police Officer Steve Miller, Police Officer George Lopez responded to a suspicious vehicle at a bank.  The suspect immediately fled upon police arrival.  A pursuit of the driver took place and it was determined that the vehicle was reported stolen and was later involved in a crash in Lake Park.  Through diligence and sound investigative skills they were able to apprehend and arrest the driver and two other subjects for Forgery, Fleeing and Eluding, Resisting an Officer and Grand Theft.

Unit Citation:
June 26, 2017 Camelot Motel
Police Sergeant Andrew Council, Police Officer Michael Mize, Police Officer Michael Zuccarrelli, Police Officer Russell Johnson, Police K9 Officer James Kaminski and his K9 partner Cole.

Police Officer Zuccarrelli located a Stolen Vehicle in the parking lot that was used to commit multiple crimes in North Palm Beach and Lake Park.  Further investigation revealed both suspects had active warrants and extensive criminal histories from the previous crimes that were linked to the stolen vehicle and they were temporarily staying at the Camelot.  Under Police Sergeant Council’s direction these police officers were able to make tactical entry to the room and take both suspects into custody.  In addition to the warrant the charges included:  Grand Theft Motor Vehicle, Possession of Crack Cocaine and Paraphernalia.  This case resulted in the clearance of multiple burglary and theft cases.

Unit Citation:
October 2017 - Collier County, Florida
Police Captain Robert Coliskey, Police Officer Michael Mize, Police Officer Roderick Steade and Police Officer Everett Lerner.

  • Deployed for Hurricane relief
  • Worked 14 hour days in conditions without running water or power with limited means of communication
  • Humanitarian Efforts (They pushed vehicles out of the roadway, distributed ice, food and even moved flood damaged furniture for seniors who desperately needed help)

Community Service Award:
April 12, 2017-Northlake Blvd
Police Officer Jennifer Newman while off duty immediately following her shift stopped to assist a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Sheriff that was attempting to save a stray kitten from the roadway during busy, rush hour traffic.  The kitten was stuck in the engine compartment of the D/S patrol car and Police Officer Newman was able to rescue the kitten from the vehicle.

15 Years of Service Award:
Police Captain Robert Coliskey awarded in recognition and appreciation for his 15 years of commitment to Policing for the North Palm Beach Department and 25 Years of distinguished overall Law Enforcement service.Medal of Achievement: 
Police Sergeant Lou Pearson and Police Sergeant Keith Koenig for their exceptional leadership and performance throughout Hurricane Irma storm preparations. Their significant contributions during the storm provided potential life-saving information to storm threatened residents in North Palm Beach.

Certificate of Commendation:
Public Works Manager Susanne Hachigian for her outstanding performance, superior dedication and positive attitude during Hurricane Irma.  Thank you for all that you do for us in the Village.

Medal of Commendation: 
October 11, 2016 - Bear Lakes Apartments, WPB
Police K9 Officer James Kaminski while off duty walking Police K9 Cole witnessed two subjects burglarizing a vehicle.  He detained the suspects and turned them over to the South Florida Burglary Task Force and West Palm Beach Police Department where they were charged with Burglary Conveyance for the four vehicles that they had broken into and Possession of Burglary Tools. Police K9 Officer James Kaminski was recognized by the Task Force and his successful apprehension of these two known criminals.

Medal of Commendation: 
November 27, 2016-1037 Marina Drive
Police Officer Thomas Brendel responded to the North Palm Beach Marina and apprehended and arrested a subject who was committing a vehicle burglary and grand theft of a motor vehicle.  The resident was unaware that their vehicle was being stolen.  His alertness resulted in the arrest of the suspect and recovery of the vehicle and prevented a burglar from victimizing multiple citizens in the community.

Medal of Commendation: 
December 12, 2016-100 block of Anchorage Drive North
Police Officer Michael Zuccarelli responded to an auto burglary and immediately following apprehended and arrested a subject that had active warrants and several items that were stolen from a series of vehicle burglaries.  Due to his diligence he was able to obtain a full confession from the suspect and clear multiple cases.

Medal of Commendation: 
January 17, 2017-312 Northlake Drive
Police Officer Michael Mize observed two individuals matching the description of a reported suspicious person’s complaint walking through cars in the parking lot.  While conducting a field interview, Police Officer Mize saw one subject reach for something in his pocket and upon a subsequent pat down discovered that the item was a firearm.  Police Officer Mize was able to restrain the subject, remove the firearm from his possession and arrest him while exercising a great deal of restraint and defusing a potentially harmful situation.

Medal of Commendation: 
March 24, 2017 - 800 US Highway 1
Police Detective Yesenia Collura cleared multiple cases within a two week timeframe.  These included multiple arrests that resulted from a residential burglary, the arrest of a suspect in a criminal mischief, the arrest of a suspect in a grand theft, and she charged an armed assailant with attempting to commit a bank robbery.  In addition to the arrests mentioned, Police Detective Collura cleared a credit card fraud and grand theft case.  This is an example of the investigative excellence that has led to an increased clearance rate.

Medal of Commendation: 
May 4, 2017-400 block of US Highway 1
Police Sergeant Andrew Council and Police Detective Michael Piotrowski for their team work and investigative excellence that resulted from a traffic stop.  Police Sergeant Council observed the driver of the vehicle attempt to conceal a possible handgun under his seat and at that time he detected an odor of marijuana from the open window of the vehicle and noticed the driver in possession of drug paraphernalia.  The operator of the vehicle committed an aggravated assault while fleeing the scene at high speeds after attempting to run Police Sergeant Council over with the vehicle. Police Detective Piotrowski through his exceptional investigative skills was able to locate the suspect from a previous arrest and charged the suspect with Aggravated Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer and Fleeing and Eluding. 

Medal of Commendation: 
July 18, 2017-1100 block of Sanctuary Cove Drive
Police Officer Michael Mize while investigating a suspicious person complaint identified an individual acting suspicious in this residential community.  The investigation revealed that the subject was in possession of a loaded .380 handgun, marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

 Medal of Commendation:
July 23, 2017-824 Country Club Drive
Police Officer Everett Lerner approached a suspicious individual in the driveway of this residence and immediately detected signs of suspicious behavior.  The subject fled and tried to run Police Officer Lerner over with his vehicle, but this did not stop him from pursuing the vehicle to Palm Beach Gardens where he was apprehended and charged with numerous felonies.

Medal of Commendation: 
August 24, 2017-400 block of Anchorage Drive South
Police Officer Daniel Bussek as conducting surveillance at a known drug residence and observed a vehicle leave promptly after a quick visit.  Police Officer Bussek conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle for a traffic violation and through his investigation determined that the driver was a convicted felon in possession of a loaded firearm, marijuana, and cocaine.

Chief’s Award of Excellence: 
Palm Beach Gardens Police Officer Richard Pearce and his K9 partner Dexter
Palm Beach Gardens Police Officer Michael Stelicha and his K9 partner Spike for their attention to duty during the search for explosive devices at village events.  Their experience and skillset has resulted in a safe and enjoyable experience for citizens.

Chief’s Award of Excellence:

Finance Director Samia Janjua for her cooperation and excellence in providing finance assistance to the Police Department during an unexpected fiscal shortfall.

  • Leadership during Irma
  • 6 months as Interim Village Manager
  • Agility in Crisis Management

Chief’s Award of Excellence: 
Special Projects Director Chuck Huff worked with multiple agencies and resolved bridge closure issues that resulted from the damage repair to the Earman River Bridge located in the 300blk US Highway 1, mitigating impact and shortening the repair timeline.

Chief’s Award of Excellence:

Public Works Supervisor Travis Hawthorne

  • Hurricane Irma - Leadership and professionalism
  • Traffic MOT-Diversion of Traffic in Emergencies.
  • Demonstrations
  • Device placement to prevent and remove demonstrator vehicles from blocking the roadway during demonstrations.
Chief’s Award of Excellence:
Public Works Supervisor Dennis Nentwick has provided superior service to the PD over many years keeping our fleet safe.

Chief’s Award of Excellence:
Assistant State Attorney Joseph “JD” Small (Juvenile Direct File Division) for his assistance with the Ledbetter/Wheeler Case and multiple other complex cases resulting in decade long sentences. Retired in Dec 2016 as a Sgt. at St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office (current full certified Police Officer).

Chief’s Award of Excellence: 
Police Captain Robert Coliskey
Police Captain Angela Dallesandro
Police Sergeant Joe Yungk - Sober homes

Lifesaving Award: 
Palm Beach Gardens Fire Department
Fire Medic Clark Archibald
Fire Medic Ernesto Mauri
Captain Mark Petruzzi
Fire Medic Julie Dudley
Firefighter/EMT Matt Flynn
On 04/15/17 Chief Jenkins in the presence of a Sheriff’s Agent had a catastrophic, life threatening blood pressure event in Palm Beach Gardens.  Between first aid being rendered by the Sheriff’s Agent and the rapid response provided by Fire/Rescue, Police Chief Jenkins is here with us today.  Thank you for your service.

Lifesaving Award: 
May 16, 2017 -747 Buttonwood and June 4, 2017-1131 Sanctuary Cove Drive
Police Officer Thomas Brendel performed lifesaving CPR on two occasions while awaiting Fire/Rescue.  His quick actions, initiative to take the lead and direct others to assist during the lifesaving efforts helped to save the lives of these two citizens.

Lifesaving Award:
October 18, 2017-390 Golfview Road
Police Officer Edward Ciezak responded to the report from a frantic grandfather that his 5 year old autistic grandson got out of the house and was missing.   Police Officer Ciezak’s prompt response and immediate grid search of the area located the missing boy that was drawn into the chest deep water in the intercostal waterway and pulled him to safety.

Lifesaving Award: 
October 19, 2017-Anchorage Park (603 Anchorage Drive)
Police Sergeant Andrew Council
Police K9 Officer James Kaminski
Police Officer Michael Zuccarelli
Police Officer Michael Mize
Police Officer Daniel Bussek responded to an armed suicidal male in the park.  Several areas within the park were occupied with citizens and some reported hearing a gunshot come from the area that the subject was last observed.  These officer’s prompt actions protected the safety of the unsuspecting citizens by directing them to a safe location and tactically approaching the location of the suicidal male.  The subject was taken into custody and transported to a mental health facility.  The subject admitted to the officers that he fired one round from a revolver and threw it into the water and attempted to drown himself.  The firearm was later recovered in the water.  These officers utilized their tactical skills and Crisis Intervention training to resolve this dangerous, life threating situation.

Civilian of the Year: 
Police Service Aide James Leicht is a retired FDNY Lieutenant and 9-11 Twin Towers Survivor. 
On Wednesday February 5, 2017 police officers responded to Anchorage Drive and Eastwind Drive regarding a student with special needs who fled from the Conservatory School. This type of call requires swift immediate action by all involved responders. PSA Leicht heard this call on the radio and immediately participated in the search, located the child and eliminated a potentially dangerous situation quickly.

John S Atwater Police Officer of the Year:
The North Palm Beach Police Department is proud to announce Michael Mize as the Police Officer of the Year.  He was selected to receive this award for his dedication to duty, proactive work ethic and placing of himself in harm’s way in the pursuit of the safety of others. Police Officer Mize has received several commendations for taking guns off the street.  He has made multiple arrests for Loitering and prowling that if went undetected, would have resulted in residential burglaries and other crimes in our community.  Police Officer Mize continues to lead by example and demonstrates incredible tactical skills in critical situations. These skills were evident as Police Officer Mize was confronted with a mentally disturbed individual who was running at him with a knife. Police Officer Mize was able to subdue the individual using less lethal force and avoid serious injury to the individual, himself and the other Officers on scene. 


  1. Officer of The Year Award
  2. Employee of The Year

      Officer of the Year Award

  • 2017 Police Officer Michael Shane Mize
  • 2016 Police Officer Edward Ciezak 
  • 2015 Detective Salvatore Mattino 
  • 2014 Detective Michael Piotrowski 
  • 2013 Field Training Sergeant Henry Maki 
  • 2012 K9 Police Officer James Kaminski
  • 2011 Sergeant Keith Koenig
  • 2011 Detective Kenneth Mildworm
  • 2010 Police Officer Louis Pearson
  • 2009 Detective Joseph Yungk
  • 2008 Police Officer Angela Dallesandro
  • 2007 Detective Stephanie Joyce