Code Compliance Division


The goal of the Code Compliance Division is to provide the highest quality service with the greatest efficiency. The services that the division provides are various and numerous. In addition to publishing documents and producing specialized reports, the Code Compliance staff works with the general public, contractors, design professionals, the legal profession, the Fire Department, the Planning and Zoning Division and other governmental agencies to resolve code violations and other challenges.

The Code Compliance Division shall inspect, encourage, enforce, monitor and report on compliance with the Village's Code of Ordinances on all properties throughout the Village.

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Public Hearings

Code Enforcement Special Magistrate Hearings are held at the North Palm Beach Village Hall, 501 U.S. Highway 1, North Palm Beach, on call, as necessary, to resolve any outstanding code violations.

Parking of Recreational, Boating, and Camping Equipment on Residential Properties

After an extensive review and consideration of the rights and interests of all residents and property owners, as well as the overall aesthetics of the Village, the Village Council adopted Ordinance 2016-07 on September 8, 2016 approving Code revisions that clarified the regulations governing the parking and storage of boats, trailers, and recreational camping equipment in the R-1 and R-2 Zoning Districts and providing for continued enforcement through the code compliance process. The Ordinance created a Village registration process and a special exception process for those not meeting the maximum length and height requirements who can demonstrate that all non-dimensional requirements, including setbacks and screening are met.

On July 11, 2019, the Village Council adopted Ordinance 2019-06, which: 
  • Removed the requirement to register boats and recreational vehicles
  • Clarified that chain link fencing with windscreens is not considered screening for boats and RVs
  • Increased the grow in time for screening vegetation from 1 year to 2 years; clarifies that only boat hulls must be screened
  • Allowed a special exception to be applied for when boat’s or RVs do not meet the rear setback
  • Allowed homeowners to build one gate up to 20 feet in length that is 2 feet taller than the maximum allowed fencing height
The Village’s Code Compliance Department held off on enforcement of the Boat and RV Code while the Village was in the process of making revisions to the Code. Since the adoption of Ordinance 2019-06, Code Compliance has given residents three months to improve screening on their properties, or to make arrangements to move their Boats or RVs off-site.

The Village is now issuing citations for violations. If you have any questions about how to come into compliance with the Code, please see the below exhibit or contact the Community Development Department.

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Special Exception Application
Vested Rights Application